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Client FAQ Section

What does WAPC charge for collection services?

WAPC does not charge the client a fee until we have done our job, meaning we have collected a payment on the debt owed. WAPC offers debt collection based on a contingency fee.  It also will accept assignments on an hourly basis should the client desire.

What Attorney services are normally included in the contingency fee agreement with WAPC?

WAPC is a full service law firm of Attorneys and Paralegals.  We pursue every legal avenue available for collection of outstanding bad debt.  We pursue insurance claims, workers compensation claims, bankruptcy claims, Attorney Represented Debtor claims, Deceased Estate Claims, etc.  We will prepare and file any document needed to perfect and protect creditors claims through the legal process when necessary to effect collection.

How may I receive a status report on accounts collection?

At WAPC we are focused on customer service. We are glad to fax, mail, or e-mail a status report whenever our clients request one.  Also, our technology allows instant status reports by phone, fax, and e-mail.  Additional status reports can be scheduled as a part of the agreement between WAPC and the client.

What information should I provide to WAPC for an account collection?

Debtor’s Name, Present Mailing Address and Phone Number, Social Security Number, Signed Contract, Date of Service, the Principal Balance Due, Present Employer and Employment Information, as well as any other essential details for collection.

If I receive payment from a debtor is it important to inform WAPC?

Yes. Call or fax a report about any payments received.  Based on your payment information, WAPC will update our records for accurate, continued collection activity or cease collection if the account has been paid in full.

If I use your collection service will I have to pay expensive legal costs?

Litigation is always a last resort in debt collection because it is expensive for both the client and the lawyer. Fast and effective, we use the most expedient, cost free approach for debt collection. Because our fees are contingency-based, both WAPC and its clients benefit when costs are kept to a minimum.

When do I receive money collected?

WAPC remits money collected once a month, after the payment clears the bank.
We retain our fee and reimburse any costs incurred prior to sending the remittance. Other remittance cycles are always possible when needed to better serve the client’s interests.

When representing a creditor in bankruptcy, what type of actions will WAPC take on its client’s behalf?

We are flexible in assisting our clients to meet their objectives, based on the bankruptcy circumstances. We are prepared to handle out of court financial workouts, restructuring negotiations, legal objections of debtor’s proposed Chapter 11 and 13 plans, legal proceedings to deny debt discharge, filing creditors proofs of claim, opposing motions objecting to creditors proofs of claim, stay relief motions and preference action defense. While these are some of the customary actions you might expect, we also provide a number of other legal services as needed in the bankruptcy arena.

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