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Legal Representation

Firm Overview


Since 1984  - Waldrop & Associates, P.C. 


Offering more than a century of combined staff experience, the Huntsville law firm of Waldrop & Associates, P.C. is the largest debt collection law office north of Birmingham. We provide more high volume collections than any other law firm in northern Alabama. Clients look to Waldrop & Associates for fast and effective legal services. Focusing on Creditors Rights, our extensive knowledge encompasses a broad scope of legal areas — Medical and Consumer Collections, Real Estate, Banking, Credit Cards, Mortgages, ERISA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Fair Debt Collection Practices  (FDCPA), the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Hospital Law, Insurance Law, and Defense Litigation, to name a few.


While always seeking the most economical avenue of resolution for our clients, we also take a strong stand defending and enforcing Creditors Rights, when litigation is the only answer. 



State of the Art Technology


Cutting-edge technology has always been the benchmark for fast and efficient debt collection.  Waldrop & Associates, P.C. has historically used the most advanced technologies available.


We use Collection Partner™, which is Hubbard Systems’ hallmark software for profitable management of debt collection. With a few keystrokes you have easy access to real-time information, a complete timeline of transactions, scheduling features to track balances and select options for payment plans, data and word processing integration, and a database that allows numerous staff at the firm to access the same data simultaneously.


Not only does sophisticated technology speed up our process, but our clients also benefit directly. Leading edge software allows our skilled staff to create compact reports analyzing collections, remittance, and cost. Our skip tracing and asset identification capabilities allow us to maximize the collectibility of our client’s accounts.  It is our continuing policy to provide any and all information needed for our clients to readily view and evaluate the collection procedure and see the progress made toward finalizing accounts.


At Waldrop & Associates, we take our client’s privacy seriously. In compliance with federal regulations governing financial and medical privacy, including but not limited to HIPAA, FDCPA, and Gram Lynch Bliley, protecting client confidentiality is essential and of utmost importance in any activity involving financial services.


Fee Structure


Our fees are contingency based, meaning there is no billing until we collect on debt owed. A distinct benefit we offer our clients to make billing easier in the real estate area is a flat fee billing structure, which replaces cost estimation with an exact monetary figure for service.




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